GrappleTube Speaks to YOU! And Wants Your Input Too (both Viewers & Producers):

GrappleTube grants you access to the best, most competitive and most erotic wrestling videos out there to save you the time of looking anywhere but here!

(Did you notice we put the word "competitive" before the word "erotic"? - we value BOTH types of wrestling and that which combines both!)


GrappleTube needs your help & assistance to keep us to be your #1 FREE WRESTLING TUBE RESOURCE! 

Please feel free to drop us your comments about GrappleTube and especially REPORT ALL NON-WORKING VIDEOS. Help keep GrappleTube clean and functioning well so as to serve you better!


Why else should we be your one-stop FREE shop for adult wrestling videos (and similarly exciting things) ?


Those two things set us apart from other free adult tube sites that feature adult wrestling. Part of that is the five points that are displayed at the top of our site, but there's even more to it than that. You see we're not simply throwing in wrestling with a bunch of other stuff while heeding it little attention, or without appreciating where the video was made in the first place and who the wrestlers are. We revel in wrestling - especially(but not limited to)that where at least one of the two wrestlers are female, and where the wrestling is erotic, or competitive, or even both! Muscle-flexing flesh-on-flesh wrestling - sometimes even when done in a non-pornographic competitive way - is the one thing that we feel best combines the two excitements of competition and eroticism into something more potent than either ingredient alone! Not that other things don't offer similar excitement - such as other types of one-on-one sporting combat, or demonstrations of predominantly female athleticism and displays of women being in charge of and being bodily worshipped by men. We feature all that too! And as our five points show, NOT the things that would annoy your viewing experience elsewhere. But even all that is not enough for us. There are other things, starting with this…

Youtube videos that are searchable here beyond Youtube's own search limitations!

That's right. We're constantly culling Youtube videos and providing you with fresh content that is always being updated and presented to you in a clear, conscise, and pop-up and pop-under free environment.

Something else I'm sure you'd like to see that you don't see elsewhere even where you might see the same videos...

More meaningful and accurate titles and descriptions! We offer these to you for your ease of viewing and structure.


Can we improve our service to you? Yes! But we'd love your help to make your viewing experience even better. It is our PLEDGE to you that we will change what we can as we DO know a lot about the background regarding these videos, and we INVITE you to help in this process as well. Even if it's as simple a thing as telling us there is a problem with a video ceasing to play - something that is typical of ANY tube site - please let us know. And don't forget to vote for your favorite videos to help them reach our Hall of Fame!

We also realize that content creators of such specialized material presented on GrappleTube need a central high traffic site on which to get noticed and promote their video materials, and we've designed GrappleTube as a solution for that.

So if you are a video producer, or in all seriousness want to be, please contact us!

You don't have to be a professional studio or producer. Amateur and self-produced content is also very most welcome here at GrappleTube.

The type of material you can create can be compelling without the highest production value, but on the other hand it actually CAN have high production value with a limited budget. Importantly to yourself, we have an experienced videographer/editor who can provide you guidance and field questions in order to help you produce your own content in an able fashion.

We've already expressed here that we love the stuff that's been done already - there are classics in there! But we aspire to new and unique things in the types of videos we showcase too! For instance, in our modern day, we have very athletic women who physically match up well with at least average but fit guys (instead of being greatly smaller as is the typical difference between the genders with average physiques), and some of these extraordinary women do activities that range from competitve wrestling with other women to pornographic videos. Yet for no clear reason we do not see many of these women in evenly matched - let alone erotic - wrestling bouts with similarly sized/athletic guys who are no less experienced with both competitive wrestling and pornography! That's not to say that it is any less interesting to see a highly skilled female grappler take down a significantly larger man with BJJ (or even some BJ's), but plays on words aside, we realize that to the wrestling fetishist, regular pornography is not usually a great draw - not as much as a sensual flesh-to-flesh competitive bear hug (though some including wrestling fetishists might prefer a more sexual "bare hug"). And yet with all sorts of softcore and hardcore porn being done, and even the great stuff that has been done with nude wrestling, the erotic wrestling world still seems like it has a lot of undiscovered country left in it.

At GrappleTube, it is our mandate to bring you that comprehensive adult wrestling experience, and to make it fun and enjoyable sojourn when you visit GrappleTube, and then bookmark and add us to your favourites for ease of future visits! Feel free to surf all our channels and categories. There are plenty of goodies for you to discover and enjoy.


This enables you to compile your own special library of bookmarked videos that are presented to you simply and in a straightforward fashion for your ease of enjoying them whenever you wish.

And as mentioned already, YOU are of the utmost importance to help make GrappleTube even better by reporting videos that don't play, have been removed, etc. We pride ourselves on GrappleTube being a clean site already but you can help us make it even better for yourselves and for everyone else who views GrappleTube.

Thank you for taking the time to read "GrappleTube and You." Now, go enjoy the site!