Oil Wrestling - Rare Mixed Wrestling Match

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Title: Oil Wrestling - Rare Mixed Wrestling Match
Description: Oil wrestling - Mixed wrestling - Muscular female wrestler and jujitsu artist Ziggy takes on a strong male in Alex in a competitive grappling match. It's rare for its erotically topless muscle-flexing mixed gender wrestling taken to a sweating exhaustion. This 6-minute video shows great moments both fast and slow and sexy, including a bit of wrestling-style face sitting. This is what a modern gladiatorial event might should look like. Great women wrestling men action from Tigra Sports Inc. Check them out online at Tigrasportsinc.com.
Tags: mixed wrestling, topless, sweaty, oily, muscle, muscular, athletic, Ziggy, Alex, Let's Get Physical. rare, video, VHS, Tigra Sports, BJJ, jujitsu, face sitting, porn, sex, videos, wrestling, mixed, nude, naked, oil
Performers: Ziggy, Alex
Duration: 0:06:00
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